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or maybe a Leopard?

Good: Leopard installed on the machine.

Bad: Leopard does not appear to play well with XJournal.

Bad part II: the left leg & knee. I can haz nanomeds and aftermarket replacement naow kthx? Or at least a new chair for home and two new ones for work?

Bad III: keeping my resolution of trying to stay off LJ for Lent. At least I didn't post and I did stay off for the first week and the Triduum...

Good: the next door neighbor's little black cat, who is the most extroverted people-loving feline I've ever seen. She sits by the complex's hot tub & pool to lifeguard and meows until you stick your hand out for her to sniff. Then tonight I brought dinner home from work -- barbecue chicken. Somebody was sitting on the sidewalk outside our apartment, and after much petting and behind-the-ear rubs, she actually followed me up the stairs and into my apartment. minastir had to put her out, and she sat on the ledge by the door for quite some time (hoping for chicken -- I didn't give her anything because I'm not sure the neighbors would want me feeding their cat).

Evil: Kintera, Kintera, Kintera. I swear they paid my undergrad institution off to get the web hosting duties for the alumni sites.

Mixed: the newest RCN novel. Now I can't decide whether to ship Leary/Mundy (star-crossed aristos!), Leary/Miranda(he's actually noticing someone who has a brain, and she's probably the sort of person who'd run his life for him and do it quite competently and well), or Mundy/(spoiler)(she so needs to get laid and he's mmmrrfffspoilerspoilerspoiler). I am well aware that this is of interest only to one or two people on the flist, and maybe you've read the newest RCN novel and know who I'm talking about already.

Annoying: my knitting. It seems that the Year of the Frog is going quite strong. I ripped the Lopi vest out and reknit it back to the same point. It's still drying from the wet-blocking. Then I had to rip out the sock toe on the socks I was working on and redo it (three toes still sticking out when down to 32 stitches from 72 is not a good thing). Now I'm contemplating ripping out my mom's sock(dropped a bunch of stitches when switching from double-points to Magic Loop), my Pi-Are-Square shawl (I think I'm working on too small of needles, and/or I have too much yarn -- I am working what I think is Blackberry Ridge lace-weight on size 4 US, and it feels very dense, not lacy at all) and then the three pair of socks I made myself that are far too loose in the lower leg and around the foot. Oh well, at least I have an idea for some original writing that I think I can possibly pull off with one B. as a consultant. Anybody know of any guides to writing screenplays for a rank beginner? (it seems that the knitting and the writing have an inverse correlation in ease of performance, or something along those lines...)

Stressful: work. Need to go smite some sense into various people (not employees) -- maybe we should bring back trial by combat.... Also need to talk the boss into buying us a proper IP management system so that I am no longer feeling like MacGyver when dealing w/ the files.


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