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Excellent: Notre Dame beat Michigan. The boys are young and still making mistakes, but at least it's 2-0 rather than 0-2. And some networking during & after the gamewatch, which was also good.

Good: The interview I went out of town for this week went okay-- it would be a long shot to get it and I would have serious "What the bloody hell have I gotten myself into now?" self-questioning if I did get it (I'd be back to being the only full-time IP attorney in the core organization, although there would be some part-timers/auxilaries to call upon, and lots of IP attorneys at other levels in more-or-less allied parts of the organization), but it was awful nice to make the shortlist that they wanted to interview at least. And 1) they are looking to expand to have more than one IP attorney, so even if I don't make it this time, there would be next time to apply 2) I would never, never run out of work if I did get the job.

Also Good: at least some of the law firms I've sent my resume to are interested and want my transcripts. And I have another phone interview on Monday morning as well.

I have 100 resumes out so far; the time to start doing some follow-up is next week.

Consulting appointment: so far, not much work, but I did give the fellow I talked to some good (& free, but only 1/2 hour) advice and he's got various contacts who he can send my name (and minastir's) out to.
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may still be the headlamp of an approaching train, but there is some progress.

*Files: all to outside counsel's hands now. I suppose that we are the need-to-be-nagged-about-everything Clients From Hell, but only about half of that is my fault.
*Assistant to help me make rounds in engineering, analyze patents, etc.: hired and starting soon.
*Getting back to writing patents, filing new trademarks, and more transactional/contract work will now commence.
*Feet: improving, doctor says I need new shoes that do not squish the toes too much. Zappo's and Sierra Trading Post, here I come!
*Arm: improving, dialed back on the knitting and mousing this week.

Not looking forward to:

the eMac has served valiantly since law school, and it now has decided to lock me out and not allow me to log in. Efforts to use the install disk to change the user password have been unsuccessful. So, should I get a desktop or a laptop? (The Old Man suggested a pre-Intel-inside G5 if I could find one...) (and I would not get a Windows box for home use if you paid me to take it)

Interesting new toy: http://www.linkedin.com Reminds me of the remark Miles makes in ACC, about once you get up to a certain level of complexity, "no one's head can hold it all." aka MySpace for professionals.


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